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Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity Show is a comedy web-series funded entirely via Kickstarter featuring comedian Lee Camp and airing bi-weekly on YouTube. The Moment of Clarity show combines offbeat humor with an unflinching and honest assessment of current events.  With guests like Chris Hedges, Economist Richard Wolff, Actress Roseanne Barr , and journalist Greg Palast, MOC is a fiercely independent voice amid the din of cable news and the NY/DC echo chamber. Seen on:




Comedian Lee Camp and Coalition Films are now well into production of the second season of The Moment of Clarity Show, a comedy webseries funded entirely via Kickstarter. In less than one month, Camp's loyal  followers contributed over $38,000.00 for the new season, and the popular YouTube channel will now continue to run without distracting advertisements or commercial sponsors. 

Derived from Lee Camp's popular YouTube rants that have received over 3.5 million views, the Moment of Clarity Show builds awareness of critical issues in a format that is hilarious, but also provokes meaningful action.  Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late George Carlin, remarked that Lee is one of the few comics keeping her father's torch lit. “He is a thinking person’s comic and he may just piss you off a little bit, but the most important thing is he’s really fucking funny.”

Special guests on upcoming episodes include highly respected progressive thinkers and personalities like Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff, Abby Martin and Raoul Martinez. The show already has 26,000 subscribers on YouTube, and a total of 10 new episodes are set to roll bi-weekly beginning in September.  The show will be addressing topics including the Fourth Amendment, Big Oil, the Genetically Modified Food Industry and Economics.


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We were very honored to be invited to the second annual IAWTV Awards in Las Vegas 2014! 
MOC was nominated for: 
"Best Writing (Non-fiction)"